Explanation for the magic-pen

Magic-Pen first step

This is how the pen is on your jacket.

Magic-Pen second step

Open the loop until you reach the picture above.

Magic-Pen third step

Pull the loop back over the fabric of your jacket.

Magic-Pen fours step

Slide the pen back out of the buttonhole.

Magic-Pen final step

The pen is now free again.

Delight your friends, relatives and colleagues!

To put the pen on someone else, all you have to do is reverse the steps. If in the end you cannot take it back off, scissors are your last option :)

Magician Stefan Sprenger at your next event

I hope you had fun with the magic-pen. Use it at the next party or business meeting and enjoy the reactions. If you are looking for a highlight for your event, please contact me!

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